Named Nasimah. 980404. I write stories of myself. I wasn't born to impress people. I was born to be Nasimah.

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Hi again.

Uh hi.

Wow this is so awkward. The last time I used was about a year ago and everything was blueee. And I came back on 22nd March at 8:57 p.m, it is in orange! Okay propa je ni. I helped my father to use his blog, how come I don't know about it... Lol.

Hm, so basically I'm back! Well I know this blog is so gloomy no one's here, no one really cares and no one realised that I deactivated my blog. The website which will always be by my side through thin or thick lah konon. Semua post dulu kelakar. I think, 5 years from now on, I'll be reading this post and laugh my ass off, again. Tho everything seems fine just for now :p People change. Well I hope I will not regret publishing this post.

The 2nd thing, I'll be sitting for PMR exam this year. Can you believe it? The girl who used to post childish things, write her problems, confess that she disliked some friends who are her bossom friends now, will be sitting for a kind of big examination. She's now 15. Fifteen?! You've all grown up, Nasimah. Well done. :-) So basically, I'll be publishing posts when I'm not busy, obviously. Tak busy pun kau tak update sangat kot haha.

Wow I've so many things to say. Well some things left unspoken for other's goodness haha. To be honest, I miss the old times. The times when I used blog to confess things. Now, I've no time to confess and let people read my problems. The bold phrase up here is so true, well at least for me. If I'm thinking to reactivate my blog to confess my problems, I'll be updating posts everytime, everyday. Well, I've problems all the time. I don't really know. I hope there is a cure for my incureable desease. Laugh out loud.

K-pop? Well I'm still a fan. Remember, once you get into k-pop, you'll never find the way out. Haha propa. I hope this phrase isn't true. It is impossible for me to keep fangirling over oppas. I know it's impossible to get married with biases. Haha tho people keep saying some things aren't impossible, if it were meant to be, it'll happen. I don't think so :p

Haha I realised this is not too bad. You managed to write a post again! Well good job, Nasimah. I thought you've lost all your memories to update a post. Okay this is really not bad. Bye we will be meeting again about 2 decades from now on hihi n_nv

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