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Hi thurrr :)

I'm here to private my posts since it will be dangerous for me to make it stay published hahaha. I accidentally tell that one friend about my blog. What did you have done makcik hahaha. So why not we post another one just to make it less awkward and less echoed? 

Duh, now I have another big problem. SPM was one and I thought that will be the end. But actually this one is tougher than SPM thingies. Well at least you don't have to risk yourself during SPM. Get me? Amik jalah SPM tu, and that's just it. Ok lemme make it clearer. I don't know where to pursue my study TT_TT

What if my result turns out so-so only? I don't really know :') Ya Allah, make it easier for me please, I'm tired of the stuffs that make me goes overthink when I don't suppose to. Ok stop kat situ. Habis dah. Hahaha. 

Ok kat siniiii. I don't know. I hope that people who is here, with me, will be always here, with me. In the future and even beyond that. That's another problem. I'm eighteen already [4th April]. Ni mula la aku nak buat esei ni haaa ko sabajap. Hahah. Oh btw! Cakap pasal 18 kan. I read this fact on Facebook;

When you're 18-35, you will meet a lot of temporary people.

Crappppp! Hahhaha pebenda tah. No need to wait for those ages, I've met a lot of temporary people in my life though? I can't trust anyone now. They might just leave me hanging when I give my 100% of trust to them. No shiznit is more hurting than that huhu. 

Yang tu yang aku risau. Banyak la aku risau hak alaaaah! Takleh list la. I don't want anybody to forget me, yeah even you. You're reading this, and I hope you will be like me too. Be afraid when people starts forgetting you, it means they stop caring about you. I have that kind of phobia, but don't mind me. It's just a phase that you need attention macam ombodo sikit hhaahahaha. 

Takpa, may Allah ease everything. He knows what best for His slaves. No huge desires, I just want to be happy, be genuinely contented with what I've done. I'm too tired to work harder so that people will stay with me. If they want to stay, then stay. Being forceful just won't make it haha. Then after some times, I'll just see who will be here supporting me. Kalau nak tinggal pun I don't mind. Saya dah letihhhhh hahaha. 

Ok dah! Sakit kepala haha. Bai xo

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